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Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament

This month we are going to "switch" it up and have our monthly Smash tourney on the Nintendo Switch!

Super Smash Bros Ultimate will be available before and after to play! Sign-up begins at 1:30, first match at 2pm. Arrive early and get a few rounds in for an edge up on the competition. Prizes will be awarded to our top 3 winners! Players are recommended to bring their own Switch controllers for use.

Rules are as follows: Singles matches in a double elimination bracket.
- 3 Stock
- 6 Minutes
- Items off
- Stalling banned
- If time runs out, winner determined by remaining stock, if stock is tied then by percentage. Tiebreaker is 1 stock, 3 minute match same characters same stage.
- Stage bans will be determined upon inspection of stages on release, expect usual legal stages, Gentleman's Rule applies (If all players agree, any stage may be picked)